Naya Traveler Launches with an Original Approach to Travel

Transcending Boundaries of Mass Tourism in Unique Destinations

June 27, 2016

Naya Traveler launches July 1st, 2016, offering experiential journeys to some of the world’s most culturally fascinating destinations, going beyond the ordinary tourist route. Our travel philosophy is founded on discovering cultures from within by offering our own personal contacts as hosts and guides, so that journeys include genuine experiences with locals.

Today’s travel industry is oversaturated with tourism that merely scratches the surface of what a destination has to offer. Naya’s enticing alternative, lending itself to a more conscious and deeper form of travel, is what discerning travelers long for.

Naya designs custom trips to unique destinations, such as Kashmir, South India, Oman and soon Ethiopia,   guided by local personalities and field experts who enrich the experience. Each itinerary gives travelers the opportunity to meet artists, community leaders and families in their intimate, day-to-day environment. This privileged access provides an insider’s view of a culture and way of life, which stands at the center of all our journeys.

In addition to private journeys, Naya’s Specialty Trips are built around a particular focus, ranging from music and culinary art to spirituality. These theme-focused journeys allow a traveler to explore their interests outside their usual environment and expand their knowledge through hands-on exchanges with local masters and experts.

Naya is Sanskrit for “wise” or “with purpose”, and our journeys are crafted with the intention of giving true value and meaning back to travel.


About Naya Traveler

Naya Traveler is a US travel company that creates private, culturally vivid itineraries for discerning individuals in unique destinations. With first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of the regions offered, we work with an exceptional group of locals garnered from personal relationships, who guide travelers through the threads of a country’s cultural tapestry.

All itineraries are crafted around the interests of our travelers. Naya’s uncompromising attention to detail is reflected in every step of the process, from research and planning to seamless logistics on the ground, in order to ensure a thrilling, memorable experience that will awaken the senses, enrich the mind, and feed the soul.

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