We curate journeys that transcend boundaries of mass tourism, bringing back purpose and value through immersive cultural experiences.


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Nestled amongst the natural beauty that paints the country north to south, Ethiopia remains a less explored region of East Africa teeming with history, adventure and vibrant cultural diversity.

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We value the knowledge and passion that people have of their own cultures. They are the fabric that holds a country’s heritage and customs together. That is why each journey allows for a special space where travelers can truly connect and learn from the wisdom of locals.


We believe that being true to a country’s culture is our duty as conscious travelers. Naya Traveler takes you beyond the ordinary tourist route and uses personal contacts as well as insider expertise to ensure that your experiences are as true to tradition and as authentic as they can be.


The ultimate goal of travel is to enrich the mind and feed the soul. A traveler develops a new way of viewing the world’s diversity by exploring a different culture. Our hand-crafted itineraries, filled with unique personalities and unmatched experiences ensure this transformation.

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