The Story Behind Naya Traveler


We believe that true travel is both an outward and inward journey, with endless pathways leading to valuable encounters and self-discovery. Through this experience, we open ourselves to new perspectives, expand our horizons and embrace cultural differences as bridges of understanding rather than barriers that confine us.

When we first came across the word ‘naya’, we connected with its meaning immediately because it epitomized the essence of our travel philosophy. ‘Naya’ is Sanskrit for ‘wisdom’ or something ‘with purpose’. To travel with naya is to explore new places from within, having an affinity towards the wisdom of locals, a sensitivity to beauty of customs, and an admiration for cultural diversity. A naya traveler is someone who seeks to shatter the divide between the foreigner and the local to fully immerse into the centuries-old customs and rich heritage of a destination.

Inspired by traditional kufic calligraphy, the Naya Traveler symbol crystallizes the values that we stand for in travel. The motif interlaces the word “naya” in three ancient languages: Hiragana, Sanskrit and Arabic. This combination is repeated in four corners, symbolizing the four cardinal points. The latter is complemented by the North Star, the original means of travel.