Argentina Through the Eyes of Marcos


Images Marcos Furrer / Text Sarah Casewit

I recently returned from a familiarization trip to Cordoba’s countryside in central Argentina with my fellow co-founder and head of operations at Naya, Sofia Mascotena. Together, we explored the region's beautiful landscape with its rolling hills and laid-back “campo” lifestyle. With blue skies above and a light breeze to compliment the warm sun, we mustered the courage to take a polo class with professional players, we went galloping through the wheat fields with local gauchos and dined on one-too-many Argentine steaks. We had a chance to sprinkle in some history, with a visit to 17th century Jesuit ruins.

During one of our numerous lodge and hotel visits in Cordoba, we had the pleasure of bumping into a celebrated local photographer,  Marcos Furer, whose work recalls that of the great Robert Hayes. A mostly nature and travel photographer, Marcos has been shooting in his homeland for some 25 years. His black and white, wide-lens images look like epic paintings, capturing the different types of scenery that Argentina boasts. There is a distinct artistic personality to his work that captivated us - it represented the essence of the Argentina we know so well, from its natural wonders to its cultural wealth.

In his own words “the quality of a photograph depends not on the quality of the camera, neither on the quality of the lens, nor on the software used to edit the image, nor on the printer or the paper in which the image is printed... It depends on the warmth of the glance of the photographer.”

Take a journey across Argentina’s flatlands, plateaus and mountains, through the eyes of Marcos Furer. 

For more photos by Marcos Furer, visit his website: