Artwork & Photographs by Elena Ashikova


Hailing from Moscow, Elena Ashikova is an artist who has been recording her travels through sketches, drawings and paintings. Her sensitivity towards a place and its people is evident in her regard and stripped-down, subtle aesthetic. Ashikova recently returned from her trip to India and shared with us some of her fondest memories. 

As I get ready to travel somewhere, I prefer to draw what I think I might see, instead of looking at images in guidebooks or the internet.
I always try to leave something in memory and in gratitude.
I was so excited to see Taj Mahal with my own eyes! You can feel peace and love in every detail.
I love drawing people different nationalities in traditional clothes. I made these sketches while dreaming about going to Tibet.

You can see more of Elena's beautiful work on her Instagram account @elena_ashikova