Deep into the Amazon

Journal Cover - Amazon.jpg

A Film by Sarah Casewit


Earlier this year, we travelled to Peru to explore the depths of the Amazon rainforest. As the largest equatorial forest in the world and the lungs of Earth, the Amazon is home to great biodiversity across its vast changing landscapes and ancient indigenous tribes.

From Iquitos in the north of the country, we boarded a river cruise that took us on a 4-night journey through the Amazon, into remote parts of this natural wonder. As we glided through the Samyra Pacaya National Park's waterways, we saw pink dolphins splashing along the boat, sloth bears hugging giant trees, toucans and other wild birds in the distance and so much more. We met with local tribes in their far-flung villages and got a glimpse of their fascinating way of life. Walking through the dense vegetation, we saw anacondas and other wild species in their natural habitat, and we were stunned by the beauty and diversity of the flora that surrounded us.  

Get a glimpse of our journey in this recap of experience through the Peruvian Amazon!